Schools are encouraged to take a health promoting schools’ approach to support healthy eating.

'A health-promoting school is a place where all members of the school community work together to provide students with integrated and positive experiences and structures that promote and protect their health' — World Health Organization, 1996.

It is important that parents, teachers and students work together to support a whole-school approach to building a school culture in which students actively choose nutritious foods and a healthy lifestyle.

Examples of healthy eating and food-related actions that schools may take are:

  • developing curriculum that supports healthy food choices
  • encouraging students to become involved in food-related activities, for example planning meals
  • growing foods, shopping for food products, cooking and promoting foods
  • offering a variety of nutritious foods at the school food service and regularly changing the menu
  • being creative with presentation and preparation of healthy foods
  • maintaining consistent messages about healthy foods in all parts of the school operation
  • making links with local fruit and vegetable retailers – this could include a school visit by the retailers, or an excursion to a local market
  • supporting an enthusiastic group of people to serve the food to students
Guidance chapter on promoting a whole of school approach to healthy eating

Reviewed 28 May 2020

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