Schools are responsible for allocating the CSEF payment towards camps, sports and excursion costs against the eligible student.

At government schools, the CASES21 system allows CSEF expenditure to be allocated against eligible students’ expenses. When a CSEF payment is deposited into the school’s high yield account, schools must run the process to receipt the CSEF payment against the family account. The family statement has a column indicating CSEF receipts. Schools can then allocate the CSEF payment to the appropriate camps, sports and excursion costs.

For more information, see the CASES21 Business Process GuideExternal Link (Section 1).

At Catholic schools the Catholic Education Commission of VictoriaExternal Link (CECV) can advise schools as to the appropriate accounting treatment and acquittal process.

Independent schools may have different systems in place. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that their systems can allocate CSEF expenditure against eligible students' expenses.

Guidance chapter on how schools are to acquit expenditure against student expenses

Reviewed 09 June 2020

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