Developing policies and procedures for visitors in schools

When developing local policies and procedures for visitors, schools should consult school communities (through either the school council or another means of consultation) and have regard to the following elements in the policies and procedures.

Safety needs

Visitors’ purpose

  • Categories of visitors that may visit the school
  • Potential benefits of different types of visits
  • Whether the proposed visit is appropriate for young people (in the relevant age group)
  • Whether the proposed visit, programs or content to be delivered is consistent with the values of public education, department policies and the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic)External Link
  • Whether a distinction should be made between the protocols applying to:
    • community-based, not-for-profit groups
    • visitors with commercial, advertising or marketing purpose
  • The potential for a visitor or the content of their program/presentation to cause controversy within the school or broader community

Educational merit

Whether the proposed visit:

  • is for an educational purpose
  • is consistent with curriculum objectives
  • merits the required reorganisation of school programs and routines in relation to the potential benefits to the students
  • is the appropriate use of department resources, including teachers’ time

Legal requirements and department policies concerning:

  • Working with Children Checks
  • privacy
  • photographing of students
  • mandatory reporting
  • children first — promoting and protecting the rights and wellbeing of children
  • delivery of special religious instruction


  • How to communicate policies and procedures to staff, visitors and community
  • How to impose conditions on visitors, if required
  • How to manage and maintain a written record of all visitors
  • Whether visitors will be required to wear a distinguishing badge
  • Circumstances for visitors to be accompanied by a member of staff
  • That visitors delivering programs directly to students are adequately supervised by teaching staff of the school, in order for the school’s duty of care to be discharged to those students
  • The familiarisation with school routines, including the emergency management plan, required for regular visitors
  • When parents will be notified in advance about visitors to the school
  • Requirements for parental permission for students to participate in programs or related activities delivered by visitors
Guidance on developing local school policies and procedures for visitors

Reviewed 18 August 2022

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