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Bus operator
For the purposes of the SDTP, a bus operator is a company or sole trader who is contracted by the Department to operate a school bus service along a specified route. Bus operators must be accredited with Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) and meet safety obligations under the Bus Safety Act 2009 (Vic).

Contract vehicle
The contract vehicle is the vehicle specified in the contract between the bus operator and the Department for a particular bus route.

Dead running
The distance that the Department pays the operator for the vehicle to travel between the overnight garage and the first authorised pick-up point each morning, and the reverse in the afternoon.

DE or the department
The Department of Education.

DE region
DE has 4 regions in Victoria:

  • South Eastern Victoria Region (SEVR)
  • North Eastern Victoria Region (NEVR)
  • South Western Victoria Region (SWVR)
  • North Western Victoria Region (NWVR)

Emergency Management Plan – a plan developed by schools to address risks identified at the schools. All schools where students access school bus services must address the student transport risks to students in their EMP.

Integrated school
Co-located mainstream and specialist schools that have an integrated governance model.

The number of students accessing a bus service. Prior to the start of each school year all SDTP-provided travel services are reviewed by the STU who looks into the efficiency and viability of each bus route and assesses it against demand. Depending on demand the STU either adds, removes or changes resources or routes.

Public Transport Victoria.

The Student Conveyance Allowance system (SCAS) is the online system used to process conveyance allowance claims.

Students with Disabilities Transport Program.

Shortest practicable route
The shortest practicable route between the student’s residence to the main entrance of the school/campus they attend is measured using all-weather public roads drivable by car.

Student Transport and Allowances Branch
The Student Transport and Allowances Branch is made up of two units; the Allowances Unit and the Student Transport Unit (STU).

DET’s Student Transport Unit – responsible for the administration of the SDTP.

Victorian Student Pass (VSP)
The VSP is a public transport concession ticket which entitles the student to unlimited travel on regional bus services, V/Line train and coach services (except for special or chartered services), and metropolitan trains, trams, and buses, operating wholly within Victoria.

Guidance chapter containing definitions related to the Students with Disabilities Transport Program

Reviewed 28 November 2023

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