Supporting transition

From 2023, the Securing Connected Learners (SCL) Program will include a number of projects to support schools in the transition to department-provided technologies including the decommissioning of school-managed technologies and identities. The transition will be incremental and designed to support schools and minimise disruption.

The approach and sequence of transition will be based on a balanced assessment of risk, need and benefit. The SCL Program will work with schools to discover and understand the ICT landscape of each school and develop individual transition plans.

The SCL Program will also seek school input to further evolve and expand the suite of department-provided technologies.

Updating school ICT strategic plans

A school’s ICT strategic plan aligns with the whole-school strategic plan and annual implementation plans to describe how school goals will be enabled through the use of digital learning resources. Prior to transitioning to department-provided technologies, schools should review and update their ICT Strategic Plans to align with the objectives of this policy. More information is available on the ICT strategic planning guidelines in the Guidance tab of the Digital Learning in Schools Policy. Schools must not adopt technologies where the technology is provided by the department.

Schools can also register their interest by visiting the SCL Program information siteExternal Link (staff login required) for early transition to department technologies with the SCL Program. Additionally, if existing commercial agreements for equipment, services and software are due for renewal and sufficient notice is provided, the SCL Program may be able to facilitate an early transition providing a cost-avoidance opportunity for schools.

Other technologies and services

Schools will be able to continue to adopt and use other technologies not currently provided by the department. Some examples include:

  • student management systems
  • timetabling software
  • print charging software
  • library systems
  • Internet of Things (IoT) such as printers, multifunction devices, projectors, hearing augmentation.

When seeking to use technologies not provided by the department, schools must ensure they comply with department policies and standards. Where the technology stores personal data, schools must complete a privacy impact assessment (PIA). More information about PIAs can be found in the Privacy and Information Sharing Policy.

Includes information on supporting transition, updating school ICT strategic plans and other technologies and services

Reviewed 08 May 2023

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