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Swimming Pools on School Grounds

2 Swimming Pool Inspection Checklist

In order to identify health and safety hazards, the Department requires principals and/or their delegate to conduct periodic inspections of their swimming pool.

2.1 Review the pre-populated Swimming Pool Inspection Checklists

The principal and/or their delegate should be in consultation with the Health and Safety Representatives (HSR), while employees review and amend the Department’s pre-populated Swimming Pool Inspection ChecklistExternal Link for relevancy to the area being inspected.

The principal and/or their delegate may also choose to use an alternative template. This template should include at a minimum:

  • inspection area
  • hazards identified
  • corrective actions to be taken to address the hazard(s) identified
  • person(s) responsible
  • corrective action completion date

2.2 Frequency of conducting the swimming pool inspection

The principal and/or their delegate in consultation with the HSR and employees are to conduct quarterly inspections — once a term, using the Swimming Pool Inspection Checklist.

The principal and/or their delegate, in consultation with employees and HSR, can delegate the responsibility for the completion of the inspections to employees.

The accountability for implementing and documenting any hazards identified remains with the principal.

2.3 Recording hazards identified during the swimming pool inspection

If a hazard is identified whilst conducting the inspection, it is to be documented in the Action Plan section of the Swimming Pool Inspection Checklist.

The checklist and associated Action Plan should then be provided to the principal or their delegate and/or HSR.

The principal and/or their delegate must ensure that the identified hazard is recorded in the ‘Hazard type’ column of OHS Risk RegisterExternal Link .

Through the planned and systematic management of swimming pools, a safer environment can be achieved.

Chapter 2 of the Swimming Pool Risk Management Procedure on conducting inspections of swimming pools on school sites, using the Swimming Pool Inspection Checklist

Reviewed 29 June 2020

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