Conducting a Department criminal record check

Where it is determined that a new employee or volunteer is required, or has elected, to undergo a criminal record check the principal or manager, or their authorised delegate, should arrange for the applicant to complete a Consent to Check and Release National Police Record form (refer to the Resources tab).

The information provided by the applicant is to be entered online at PROCSExternal Link . The procedures for processing such criminal record checks and a user guide may be found on the Resources tab.

Where an employee or volunteer is not registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching, and they do not require a WWC Check under the Act, only a criminal record check conducted by the Department can be accepted as an alternative to determine suitability for employment. A criminal record check obtained from another source cannot be accepted as the Department cannot be assured that all relevant offences were considered and, or that identity validation was performed consistent with requirements of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

A criminal record check conducted by the Department is for ‘child-related work’ purposes and permit the release to the Department of both spent and non-spent criminal records and disclose findings of guilt where no conviction was recorded.

Principals or managers must consider if a criminal record check conducted by the Department should be required in addition to a WWC Check. Such circumstances include the need to consider whether any offences exist that may be relevant to the duties to be performed, such as dishonesty offences or driving offences, that are not considered by the WWC Check. In particular all employees with a financial delegation should undergo a criminal record check conducted by the Department.

Principals or managers should consult the Employee Conduct Branch on 03 7022 0005 in such circumstances prior to proceeding.

Criminal history information is received by authorised personnel in the Employee Conduct Branch and is not released outside of that Branch. All employees involved in the handling of criminal records are to ensure that confidentiality of records is maintained at all times, and that records are stored in a secure area. The records may only be used for assessing a person’s suitability for employment with the Department.

The principal or manager is not provided with details of criminal history information, if any. The principal or manager is provided with a copy of the clearance or rejection letter only.

Criminal history information is not retained and is securely destroyed no later than 3 months after the criminal record check process has been completed.

Criminal checks for Suitability for Employment

Reviewed 19 May 2020

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