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Student Resource Package — Overview

Funding Allocation and Annual Budget Cycle

The SRP framework is based on funding allocations and the annual budget cycle.

Funding allocations

Funds allocated in each component are nominated as either credit, for salaries paid on eduPay, or cash for expenses incurred locally.  Schools can interchange funding between credit and cash.

Flowchart outlining funding allocations - student-based funding, school-based funding and targeted initiatives

Annual budget cycle

Schools receive their Student Resource Package and relevant updates according to the following cycle.


Student Resource Package — issued in September or October of the preceding year using enrolment projections advised by schools.

This budget provides the basis for planning.


Student Resource Package — issued in March of the budget year, based on the annual enrolment census.


Student Resource Package (where applicable) — may be issued for updates or changes during the year, for example following audit corrections to the census or as a result of integration student mobility.

Guidance chapter on the components of the Student Resource Package and how funding is allocated through the annual budget cycle

Reviewed 11 June 2020

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