7. School review report

The school reviewer prepares a report to document the findings of the review, including key directions for the next School Strategic Plan (SSP). The report is quality assured by the independent review company, checked for accuracy by the principal, and then approved by the senior education improvement leader (SEIL). This process takes approximately 30 business days. If there are delays, please contact

The review report consists of a public and confidential section. The public section of the review report can be shared with the school community, for example through publication on the school website. It provides a summary of the key findings and directions for the next School Strategic Plan (SSP). The confidential section of the review report provides more detailed information for the school’s planning purposes.

The principal presents the approved review report, including the confidential section, to school council, with support from the SEIL. For ‘Transform’ performance grouped schools, the reviewer presents the review report to school council on behalf of the review panel.

The principal determines the extent to which the confidential section is shared with school community members. For example, the principal can choose to share the full confidential section with the school leadership team, the key directions with the school improvement team, and relevant excerpts with curriculum leaders.

Feedback on the school review process

At the conclusion of the review, the School Review Unit will email a survey link to principals, SEILs and challenge partners to provide the opportunity to give feedback on the review process.

Feedback can also be provided by emailing

Guidance chapter on the school review report outlining the findings and decisions of the school review panel

Reviewed 22 February 2024

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