Special staffing provisions

Particular staffing arrangements to deal with any exceptional circumstances not covered by the general arrangements set out above may be approved in respect of individual school mergers or closures.

Where, in any particular case, it is proposed to vary the arrangements set out in this policy to provide for particular staffing arrangements, approval of the Deputy Secretary, Schools and Regional Services, is required. This approval must be obtained prior to any commitments or undertakings being entered into at the local level. In circumstances where alternative arrangements are approved the principals of the schools involved are responsible for ensuring the school staff are informed of the changes.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) reflecting the changes can be developed by the schools involved, provided that any MoU is of no effect unless it has been approved by the Deputy Secretary, Schools and Regional Services.

Special Staffing Provisions - Policy and Guidelines for school closure or merger

Reviewed 26 March 2020

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