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How to build school council capacities

The completion of the school council self-assessment tool located in the School Council PortalExternal Link (principal or business manager login required) should identify the skills and expertise of council. Other desired skills may be identified from within the wider school or local community and readily available to school council (for example, on the school staff or from within a parent group).

However, this assessment should also identify those required skills that are not available or not established. It is recommended council determine what is needed to correct this. Such action could include:

  • offering Improving School Governance training to school councillors, either collectively or individually
  • learning as you go: have less experienced council members shadow those with more experience
  • the use of sub-committees and working groups to support priorities and activities
  • co-option of skilled individuals as community members of council (where vacancies exist)
  • employment of expert consultants as necessary (e.g., architects, web designers)
  • inviting particular individuals to school council meetings to provide advice
  • re-structuring existing council to enable members to better use their skills (for example, appoint as treasurer a member with financial background, or establish a working group to source quotes for a particular project)
  • collaborating with other schools and school councils to share information and skills
  • running workshops with school councillors and others in the school community to focus on particular issues, and considering using professional associations to facilitate these
  • upgrading or adopting technology to improve the council’s effectiveness.

School council can then decide on the most appropriate steps to take to meet the identified skills development.

Guidance chapter on building school council capacities

Reviewed 18 April 2024

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