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The Child Safe Standards are compulsory minimum standards for organisations which provide services for children, to ensure they are well prepared to keep children and young people safe and protect them from abuse.

Ministerial Order 1359 – Implementing the Child Safe Standards – Managing the Risk of Child Abuse in Schools and School Boarding Premises outlines minimum requirements schools and school boarding premises must meet to comply with the Child Safe Standards. The child safety obligations under the Child Safe Standards and Ministerial Order 1359 apply to all school environments, including workplace learning environments where students undertake work experience, structured workplace learning, school community work (volunteering) and SBATs. Schools must develop and implement risk management strategies regarding child safety in school environments.

Specific risks of abuse may arise in the context of SBATs. Child safe strategies, policies and procedures must address and respond to those risks. For example, schools must ensure that:

Schools must work closely with SBAT employers to make sure that the employment environment is safe for children. The employer must provide a safe workplace and ensure appropriate supervision of the student.

The RTO must comply with the Child Safe Standards including ensuring all staff meet Working with Children requirements.

Includes information on child safety considerations in the context of SBATs

Reviewed 21 February 2024

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