Assistant principals

The assistant principal reports directly to the principal.

Assistant principals have a primary responsibility for the management of significant areas or functions within the school to ensure the effective development, provision and evaluation of the school's education program. In exercising the responsibility, assistant principals will have the authority to make all significant decisions relating to the program, budget and staff relating to their area of designated responsibility within the framework of the school's strategic plan, policies and budget. Assistant principals will contribute to the overall management of the school through involvement in policy formulation and decision making.

The management of significant school program or functional areas in schools involve assistant principals in the analysis of the needs of students and the translation of state educational policy and frameworks into appropriate education programs to meet the needs of all students.

Typically assistant principals will be responsible for the effective use of the teaching staff and program budget of a defined area of the school's operation and for the oversight and leadership of the educational programs provided utilising these resources.

Position responsibilities

Typically, assistant principals perform one or more of the following functions:

  • supervision and coordination of the work of senior curriculum or level coordinators
  • allocation of budgets, positions of responsibility and other resources within the area of responsibility
  • provide a child safe environment in accordance with the child safe standards
  • supervision of the delivery of teaching programs
  • management of programs to improve the knowledge and experience of staff
  • responsibility for general discipline matters beyond the management of classroom teachers and year level coordinators
  • contribute to the overall management of the school
  • campus management in multi-campus settings
  • determining the final form of any curriculum proposals which go to school council, and
  • performance management and development of staff
Roles and Responsibilities for Teaching Service for assistant principals

Reviewed 26 March 2020

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