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Records that do not need to be archived – Normal Administrative Practice

Not all records need to be archived. Some records can be destroyed without following your school’s formal destruction process to obtain approval from your principal. These records fall under a category known as Normal Administrative Practice (NAP).

NAP records include:

  • working documents consisting of rough notes and calculations used only to assist in the preparation of other records such as correspondence and reports. For example, handwritten attendance rolls subsequently captured in CASES21.
  • records of short term, temporary value. For example, a reminder note or list of things to do.
  • additional copies of documents, emails and publications maintained for reference purposes. For example, duplicate copies of School Council papers.

Consider the following before you destroy a record:

  • Is there any further administrative need to retain the record?
  • Are others still using the record?
  • If you believe it is just a duplicate copy, locate the original record prior to destroying the copy.
  • Use a secure (locked) recycle bin to destroy NAP records that contain personal or sensitive information.

Refer to the chapter on Destruction of ‘time-expired’ records for guidance on how to formally dispose of records that are not considered to be NAP records.

Guidance chapter on records that do not need to be archived – Normal Administrative Practice

Reviewed 02 February 2023

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