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Teaching service

The Commonwealth Government provides funding to Higher Education Institutions for practice teaching supervision which in turn contract directly with individual schools for the provision of this supervision on a fee-for-service basis.

The Australian Higher Education Practice Teaching Supervision Award 1990 provides rates for the payment and the eligibility of teachers for practice teacher supervision in all Australian States and Territories. The award provides that teachers other than leading teachers must be paid for undertaking practice teaching supervision unless the individual teacher and the principal agree to alternative arrangements, such as the provision of professional development, in lieu of payment.

Any agreed alternative arrangements apply until the end of the relevant school year and must be in writing and signed by both the principal and the teacher. No individual teacher should be coerced into agreeing to, or not agreeing to, alternative arrangements.

A teacher may request a representative, including a representative of the Australian Education Union (AEU), to be present in any discussions with respect to these alternative arrangements. Where a member of the AEU agrees to alternative arrangements, then the award requires that the teacher provides a copy of the agreement to the AEU (Victorian Branch) within 2 weeks. Failure to provide such a copy to the AEU does not invalidate the agreement.

Leading Teachers, including teachers acting as Leading Teachers, are excluded from the award. However, consistent with the management of practice teaching supervision at the school level, principals may choose to pay these teachers the award rate.

In recognition of the workload that practice teacher supervision entails, it is suggested that teachers not be required to undertake more than 45 days of supervision per year.

The rates of pay per day for teachers undertaking supervision are:

  • in secondary schools in one method $12.45
  • in secondary schools in two methods and supervision in primary schools $21.20

The rate of pay, per student per day, for coordinating practice teaching supervision (remuneration should not be more than the equivalent for ten students) $1.30.

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