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A person employed part-time is employed to work an agreed number of regular hours less than 76 hours a fortnight. The time fraction is fixed and constant over a normal fortnightly period.

Employment, transfer or promotion to advertised part-time positions is made in accordance with the requirements that normally apply to similar full-time positions.

Other than reimbursement of expenses, conditions of employment apply on a pro rata basis to employees employed on a part-time basis.


A teacher employed part-time and their principal will consult regarding the days and times of attendance, including any arrangements regarding attendance at parent-teacher meetings on days other than normal days of attendance.

Unless otherwise agreed, a teacher who works:

  • 0.4 to 0.6 time fraction cannot be required to attend for duty on more than 3 days per week
  • 0.7 to 0.8 time fraction cannot be required to attend for duty on more than 4 days per week

A morning or an afternoon does not constitute a time equivalent of 0.5 of a teaching day.

In the case of education support class employees, the actual days and hours of attendance are fixed by agreement between the employee and the principal and may not be varied from week to week.

Time fraction changes

An employee may submit a written application requesting a change to their time fraction at any time. Whilst there is no entitlement to part-time employment, applications will be considered having regard to the reasons for the request, the workforce planning needs of the school and any other relevant factors and will not be unreasonably refused. Where a time fraction change has been approved the change in proportionate salary commences from the date of effect of the changed time fraction.

Time fraction increase

Time fraction increases may be agreed to on either a temporary or permanent basis with a clear understanding between the employee and the principal, where the increase is temporary, of the date on which the employee would resume their substantive time fraction.

Time fraction reduction

In circumstances where an employee seeks a time fraction reduction, the employee must agree to a permanent reduction in their time fraction. Nothing precludes an employee and the principal agreeing, at the time of the reduction, or at a later time, to a future dated time fraction increase and this agreement must be in writing.

Part-time following parental absence

For information regarding working part-time following a parental absence please refer to Parental Absence — Teaching Service.

Policy and guidelines for Part-Time Employment – Teaching Service.

Reviewed 14 May 2020

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