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4 Responsibility for activities

Once the OHS Activities CalendarExternal Link or equivalent template is finalised, the principal or their delegate are to ensure the planned activities are implemented via the allocation of responsibility and resources.

The benefits of employee participation include:

  • demonstrating employee consultation and participation in the identification, assessment and control of hazards
  • involving employees in the planning process
  • increasing the chances of identifying more hazards by involving a broad range of employees
  • enabling the principal or their delegate to match activities with skill sets and competencies of employees

The agreed delegated activities should be recognised in employee professional development plans and communicated to all employees by including their name on the OHS Activities Calendar and informing all employees via:

  • staff meeting
  • email, or
  • workplace intranet notice

The principal or their delegate are to ensure employees are aware of the procedures for completing activities and the relevant documentation required to record the outcome of the activity.

The principal or their delegate should ensure that copies of the OHS Activities Calendar or equivalent template are prominently displayed in the workplace; multiple copies may be required in larger or multi-campus schools and offices.

Chapter 4 of the OHS Planning Procedure on allocating OHS responsibilities and resources in schools and the benefits of employee participation

Reviewed 29 June 2020

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