School operations

OHS Planning

3 Initial review of the OHS Activities Calendar

The principal or their delegate are to review the activities in OHS Activities CalendarExternal Link or equivalent template for their applicability to the workplace, in consultation with:

  • employees
  • Health and Safety Representative (HSR)
  • Health and Safety Committee, where one has been established
  • area / subject coordinators involved in the task, activity or area

During the initial review, the principal or their delegate should delete any activity that is not applicable in the workplace, and any additional activities (that may be required or requested following the consultation process) should be added to the calendar.

Once the activities have been agreed on, the principal or their delegate, in consultation with the HSR and employees, should determine the frequency of the activities. In many instances the activity will have recurring requirements over the year.

Chapter 3 of the OHS Planning Procedure outlining the initial process for reviewing the OHS Activities Calendar in schools

Reviewed 29 June 2020

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