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NDIS Funded Therapy in Schools

Step 1 – Request information

The principal requests information from the NDIS funded therapist and the parents/carers of the student, and consent from the parents/carers. Refer to Request form and parents and carers consent form (DOCX)External Link (staff login required). Note: these are 2 different forms within a single document.

This information will enable principals to make transparent, consistent and informed decisions based on all relevant factors.

Request form

The principal sends the Request form (DOCX)External Link (staff login required) to the NDIS funded therapist when the request is made. The request form requires the NDIS funded therapist to provide all relevant information about their request, including:

  • the purpose of the proposed therapy
  • the proposed date and time that therapy will be provided
  • the proposed duration, frequency and style (in person or virtual) of therapy
  • the proposed aims and benefits of the therapy being provided at school and in school time
  • proof of a valid Working with Children CheckExternal Link
  • professional registration details, if the therapist is an NDIS registered practitioner (most participants access services from NDIS registered providers who are required to get an NDIS Worker ScreeningExternal Link clearance to deliver therapeutic supports, and comply with the NDIS Practice Standards and NDIS Code of ConductExternal Link . However self-managing participants can choose to employ unregistered providers who are not required to get an NDIS Worker Screening clearance. Schools should consider the increased risks associated with unregistered providers)
  • copies of certificates of currency for the following insurances held by the therapist:
    • public liability insurance (principals must check that the certificate is current and is for a minimum sum per occurrence of $10 million)
    • professional indemnity insurance (principals must check that the certificate is current, with a reputable insurer, covers the professional services being provided, and is for no less than $5 million per any one event and in the aggregate).

The student’s parents/carers are encouraged to work with the NDIS funded therapist to complete the request form to outline the student’s individual situation and why the student or parents/carers are seeking to have the NDIS funded therapy delivered at the school.

The Parents and carers consent form (DOCX)External Link (staff login required) requires parent/carer consent to the request (note: the request form and the consent form are part of the same document) and to the student’s personal and health information being provided to the school.

Any of the following people may sign the parents and carers consent form:

When the principal receives the completed forms and any other relevant documents, the principal should consider the request in accordance with Step 2, outlined in the next chapter. Principals should respond to requests within 10 days. The principal must retain a copy of the request form, parents and carers consent form, and any documents relevant to the decision. These must be stored, securely on the student’s file, regardless of the decision.

Chapter in the NDIS guidelines on the information that principals should request to make a decision to grant or refuse NDIS funded therapy requests on school grounds

Reviewed 30 January 2024

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