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The School Mental Health Planning Tool (the Tool) is designed to help schools better understand the mental health and wellbeing needs of their school and to select programs, staff and resources from the Schools Mental Health Menu (the Menu) that can improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes for students. The Tool provides a framework to simplify schools’ decision-making process when planning their mental health and wellbeing interventions from the Menu.

The Tool is informed by the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) Improvement Cycle to support a logical planning process and includes statements and questions for schools to discuss with their wellbeing and school improvement teams. The Tool highlights the importance of student voice to inform school planning and approaches. The Tool also navigates users to other relevant supporting information and resources.

The Tool guides schools to:

  • utilise available data to inform their assessment of student mental health and wellbeing needs
  • identify the strengths and capabilities their school already has, that can help address student needs and inform their school’s approaches
  • better understand challenges or gaps in provision that require attention
  • consider their capacity to implement and sustain interventions with a view to ensuring the measures are practical and appropriate to their own unique context.

The Planning Tool is a fillable PDF form and will need to be saved to your computer before completing in Adobe Acrobat.

Schools are encouraged to submit their completed tool via the ‘submit’ button in the form or to enable high-quality program monitoring and evaluation.

Guidance chapter detailing the School Mental Health Planning Tool

Reviewed 09 September 2022

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