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15 June 2020


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March 2020



A meal allowance may be payable to an employee if they are required to work outside their normal hours of duty.

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Policy and Guidelines

An employee in the principal, teacher or paraprofessional class who is on full-time duty in their own school during the afternoon session and is directed by their principal to remain on duty for at least 2 hours in the evening to conduct formal and specific teaching programs, excluding the time taken for a meal break, will be paid a meal allowance. An education support class employee is entitled to the payment of a meal allowance where the employee is required to work overtime for a minimum period of 2 hours and:

  • there is a meal break of not less than 20 minutes, or
  • where there is no meal break, the overtime commences before 6:00pm and finishes after 7:00pm

For education support class employees ‘overtime’ means any work totalling in excess of 76 hours in any one fortnightly period.

Reimbursement is in accordance with the rates applicable to the Victorian Public Service. Payment will not be made in circumstances where the employee is otherwise eligible for reimbursement for a meal or where a meal is provided.



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