Example job accountabilities or functions to include in a position description

The following are examples of functions you may require for a new or expanded role and could be included in a position description or job advertisement as required, noting that a school must ensure any duties or responsibilities fit within the roles and responsibilities for teachers or the dimensions of work for the education support class at the appropriate classification, level and range:

  • design and planning of vocational and applied learning
  • timetabling of vocational and applied learning
  • selection and contract management of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
  • managing student enrolments via the Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS)
  • collecting student attendance and assessment data
  • compliance activities (for example, for school-based RTOs)
  • administering VET funding
  • managing the processes for equipment and infrastructure purchasing and maintenance
  • management of student transport to RTO sites
  • student support, including decision-making about vocational and applied learning programs (potentially in collaboration with careers advisors) and liaison with students at off-site training or work placements
  • coordinating with other schools/clusters whose students attend training on school site
  • coordination activities with other schools in their place-based planning VET cluster such as timetabling, provision planning, sharing databases, conducting workforce infrastructure audits, and coordinating cluster formation processes, including exploration of governance models and terms of reference
  • engaging with LLENs and/or employers to provide students with structured workplace learning and monitor student experience.
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Reviewed 01 February 2023

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