The following resources are available to support schools implement the Information Security – InfoSafe Policy and the Information Security (InfoSafe): Guidance for Victorian government schools.

Information security standards

Available standards

Standards under development

The following standards are under development and not yet available:

  • Security Aspects of Information Management Standard
  • Information Security IT Environment Security Standard
  • Information Security Training and Awareness Standard
  • Security Aspects of Information Management Standard

Contact the InfoSafe team on for further information about these standards.

Information security information sheets

Videos on information security at the Department and Victorian government schools

The following videos are available at the DET InfoSafeExternal Link page (staff login required):

  • Creating and InfoSafe Culture
  • Being InfoSafe with Cyber Awareness
  • Managing Risk to make us InfoSafe
  • Top Tips to be InfoSafe for Schools and Corporate
  • Understanding the Impact of Incidents

Pre-populated InfoSafe School Risk Document

Other resources and tools to support information security

Resources page containing supporting resources and links for this topic

Reviewed 28 March 2024

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