Reporting requirements

The principal is required to notify the Department immediately they become aware that any industrial action is to be taken.

Online notification forms are available on the Resources tab to report both stopwork action and any bans or limitations.

When completing the online notification form(s), principals should provide details of the dates, time and duration of the industrial action, the number of employees participating in the industrial action and the number of employees normally on duty. Principals must also provide a brief statement on the impact of the industrial action on the school, including how the students are to be supervised during any stopwork action. Wherever possible, estimates of the numbers involved should be provided 48 hours prior to the action, and confirmed numbers provided on the morning of the action.

The online reporting forms should be used for all industrial action, whether at a statewide, regional, district or school level.

Employees who refuse to accept any duties assigned by the principal will be considered to be on stopwork action and should be reported accordingly. Full details of any such refusal should be provided at the same time.

In addition a principal must notify the Regional Director where they are intending to take stopwork action or where a school is reporting that all students will be dismissed.

Reporting requirements for Industrial Action — Teaching Service

Reviewed 02 April 2020

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