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Forms to support students with identified health care need/s

Student Health Support Plan

  • A Student Health Support Plan (Word) must be completed for each student with an identified health care need other than anaphylaxis or an allergy. The plan outlines how the school will support the student’s health care needs and must be completed in consultation with parents/carers and guided by medical advice. Students whose only health care need is anaphylaxis or an allergy, do not require a Student Health Support Plan, but should instead follow the requirements of the Anaphylaxis Policy and/or the Allergies Policy.

Allergy forms

Anaphylaxis forms

Asthma forms

  • Asthma Action Plan — is available on Asthma Australia's website and should be completed for a student with asthma, by the student’s medical/health practitioner, in consultation with parents/carers. This plan should be attached to the Student Health Support Plan.

Medical advice forms

The following forms are used to provide descriptions of a student’s health condition, their support and first aid requirements, and are completed by the student’s medical/health practitioner.

Non-specific conditions
Condition specific

Medication and authorisation forms

Schools must use relevant forms to authorise and administer student medications.  To access the forms, refer to the School Policy Templates Portal — Medications (login required)

Medical information for excursions form

Confidential Medical Information Form for Excursions — must be completed annually by the parent/carer of each student in advance of approved excursion activities.

Personal care advice forms

The following Medical Advice Forms are used to describe a student’s personal care requirements and must be completed by a relevant medical/health practitioner, such as a continence care specialist, speech pathologist or physiotherapist.

Useful websites

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