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4. Supporting students with long term special education and other support needs

Long term planning

This information describes how schools support students with long term special educational and other support needs.


Schools should create an effective and sensitive information exchange system approved by the student and parents/guardians, that:

  • allows all relevant staff to understand and make allowances for the student
  • prevents the student from repeatedly explaining their circumstances.


Schools should:

  • provide students with course overviews
  • negotiate key assignments and timelines
  • liaise with therapists to ensure opportunities are used within required curriculum to support therapy outcomes.


Schools should:

  • hold a student support group
  • develop an individual learning plan
  • set realistic educational goals.


Schools should upgrade equipment to enhance curriculum access, if required.

Camps and excursions

Schools should plan ahead for camps, excursions and other special events to ensure:

  • the student is offered the same educational experiences as all other students
  • does not miss out due to their condition or specialised health and personal care support needs.
Guidance chapter 4 on supporting students with long term special education needs

Reviewed 16 January 2023

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