Setting up food premises

Permanent food premises need to be:

  • registered with the municipal council
  • built and designed so that the food can be prepared safely and efficiently

Contact your local council environmental health officer for details on building requirements for permanent food-handling premises and facilities.

Temporary food premises such as food stalls for a fete, barbecues, sausage sizzles need to:

  • be constructed so that they can prevent the contamination of food, particularly by dust, insects and customers
  • ensure all benches and tables have surfaces that are smooth and able to be cleaned
  • have facilities for hand washing and utensil washing facilities.
    • If a sink connected to a water supply is not available near the stall, temporary facilities will need to be provided
    • utensil washing facilities must be made available, including:
      • sealed container or drum with clean water
      • water-heating device, such as an urn, so that hot water is available
      • bucket to collect dirty water
      • detergent and disposable paper towels.
    • utensils should be washed as soon as possible in clean, soapy water and rinsed in clean water. All waste water must be disposed to the sewer, not storm-water
  • have adequate refrigeration and rubbish receptacle

Note: Contact the local council environmental health officer to discuss any additional requirements such as completion of an application for stalls held off campus.

For more information visit:

Guidance chapter on setting up permanent and temporary food premises

Reviewed 10 June 2020

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