3 Controlling risks

Where specific hazards have been identified from exposure to contaminants, controls are to be established and implemented by the principal and/or their delegate in consultation with the HSR and employees. This is to be documented in the OHS Risk Register.

As part of the control process the principal and/or their delegate should ensure that:

  • recommendations for placement of personnel in medical surveillance programs are considered
    • consideration is given to whether periodic monitoring of the contaminant or the controls is required and the nature of such monitoring

    They should also ensure that existing controls are adequate, whether additional or alternative controls are needed, and if so, what these should be e.g. managing exposure to mould:

    • If mould is a problem in the school, the principal or their delegate needs to eliminate sources of moisture and by ensuring:
      • mould is washed off hard surfaces and allowed to dry completely by opening windows and doors or by using portable heaters to minimise re-growth. Absorbent materials, such as carpet, may need to be replaced if they are contaminated with mould
      • leaky plumbing and other building faults are fixed
      • exhaust fans or open windows are used in the bathroom and kitchen areas when showering, cooking or using a dishwasher
      • conditions that encourage mould growth are avoided by using heat insulation and ventilation
      • small areas of mould are cleaned using a damp wipe with detergent solution, vinegar solution or alcohol solution (one part vinegar or alcohol to three parts water). Commercially available mould treatments can bleach the mould white, but may not remove the mould. Do not try to brush the mouldy area as the brush can flick mould spores into the air, which may cause health problems
      • PPE is provided to clean up the areas where mould is present e.g. safety glasses, long rubber gloves protective clothing

    The principal and/or their delegate in consultation with the HSR and employees must ensure that risk controls to reduce employee exposure are identified and implemented using the order of the hierarchy of controls.

    3.1 Safe Work Procedures

    The principal and/or their delegate in consultation with the HSR and employees must identify interactions between employees and contaminants (e.g. PE teacher coaching sport outdoors in the sun) that may require the development and implementation of a safe work procedure.

    Refer to the Safe Work Procedure TemplateExternal Link and the OHS Risk Management Procedure.

    Chapter 3 of the Environmental Hygiene Procedure on controlling specific hazards that have been identified from exposure to contaminants

    Reviewed 28 January 2021

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