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15 June 2020


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March 2020


Log in to eduPayExternal Link (Department email address and email password is required).


eduPay is the Department's HR and payroll system where you can:

  • view your leave balances
  • view and download payslips
  • apply for leave
  • view and update contact details
  • update banking details

eduPay help

If you can't login or need help, phone 1800 641 943.

A number of documents are available for principals, managers and employees to assist in using eduPay.

For all eduPay manuals and instructions, refer to the Resources tab.

All Quick Reference Guides have been updated to reflect the new version of eduPay. A new payroll validation and certification tutorial is now available. Note: Your employee ID and eduMail password is required to access these pages.

A user may, on occasion, experience usability issues with eduPay, generally following an upgrade to the system. These issues may include buttons not displaying correctly or unexpected page formatting. To resolve these usability issues, the internet browser cache and browsing history must be cleared. Refer to clearing browser cache in the Resources tab.


You are reminded of these security precautions when accessing eduPay:

  • your Department email address an email password provide access to the payroll, which contains your personal and payroll details
  • keep your password secret. Do not disclose your password to anyone and never respond to an email that requests your password — the Department will never ask you for your password in an email
  • do not log onto eduPay from an unsecured computer, for example, do not access eduPay from an internet cafe, restaurant or coffee shop that provides free wi-fi
  • make sure the antivirus software is up to date on any computer or tablet you use to access eduPay
  • read the remote login help instructions guide (below) before accessing eduPay from an external location

eduPay availability

If you have difficulty accessing eduPay, first check the HR Systems availabilityExternal Link page to determine if there is a known issue or scheduled maintenance period, then select the access eduPay link on the Resources tab.

Access eduPay and Employee Self Service

Access to eduPay is available from your workplace when connected to the Department or school network and available remotely from an external location, such as from home, using the same link. Login link and details are the same from either location.

Some features of Employee Self Service (ESS) are not available when accessed from an external location, such as updates to personal banking details. The login process will automatically determine the location you are logging in from and automatically assign full or limited access to ESS features. Log in to access eduPay:

Previous external or remote access to eduPay was by using a separate login URL. This is no longer required and will no longer work. Use the link above. Users are reminded to delete any previously saved favourite or bookmark they may have to eduPay and update their favourite or bookmark with the new link above.

Additional help when accessing eduPay from an external location

To ensure a secure access to eduPay from an external location, follow the security tips above and read and understand the help document below, including the log out steps prior to accessing eduPay from an external location:

Access to ESS from an external location will not allow updates to personal banking details.

Contact information

Policy and Guidelines

Policy and Guidelines

There is no further guidance for this topic. For more information, refer to the Resources tab.



Procedures and forms

eduPay manuals and guides

School staff performance and development

For further information regarding the revised performance and development process on eduPay for employees in the teaching service:

Employee Self Service

For all employees requiring assistance with Employee Self Service (ESS) functions such as applying for leave, maintaining personal details and updating banking details:

Manager Self Service

For managers or principals requiring assistance with Manager Self Service (MSS) functions such as approving leave applications submitted through ESS:


For managers, principals and HR Administrators requiring assistance with the reporting options in eduPay:

Additional eduPay access

For principals to provide, amend or revoke additional access to eduPay for employees in their school. This includes amending the validator access and information on changing the certifier where the principal changes or is on long term absence:

Payroll certification and validation

For validators and certifiers requiring assistance with performing the validation and certification of the payroll:

Change the validator or certifier

Information on how to update the certifier or validator(s) for the school or work location:

Manage delegations

To enable the manager or principal to delegate the processing of leave submitted through ESS:

HR administration eduPay user guides and checklists

The eduPay user guides contain extensive help on all eduPay functions that the HR Administrator may be required to complete:

School local payroll

A number of useful resources for the School Local Payroll are available for HR Administrators on eduGate. This includes eduPay user guides which are targeted to SLP operations, other training materials, links, forms and the school local payroll calendars:

Clearing browser cache

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