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The purpose of this policy is to ensure school website addresses are created, registered and managed appropriately.


  • The Department funds one domain name for each government school.
  • Schools may purchase additional domain names at their own cost and must adhere to the conditions in this policy for creating and maintaining that domain name.
  • The Guidance tab provides the processes for creating, managing and closing both Department allocated and school purchased domain names.


The Department allocates funding for one domain name for each government school.

All government school domain names must:

  • be created and registered through Education Services Australia (ESA) and comply with their terms and conditions
  • comply with specific naming conventions such as:

Note: ESA is the Australian authority for the registration of all educational domain names.

ESA can be contacted by email at or phone 1300 885 092 or 03 9207 9600.

Additional domain names

Schools may obtain additional or alternative domain names at their own cost.

For all additional domain names schools must:

  • Ensure there is a strong rationale for the additional domain name and appropriate management processes in place.
  • Ensure that contact details are maintained and that renewal reminders are sent to an email address that will be regularly monitored e.g. an administration mailbox rather than a personal account.
  • Notify iiNet (The current Internet Service Provider for all government schools ) of the creation of new, or changes to existing domain names. Contact details are provided in the Contact section below.
  • Notify their Technical Support to Schools ProgramExternal Link (TSSP) technician of the creation of new, or changes to existing domain names.

Please refer to the Guidance tab for information on the processes for creating, maintaining and closing domain names.


Domain name
An internet domain name is an address where a website is located and emails are delivered to. The domain name forms the first part of a web Uniform Resource Locater (URL), and is often followed by the name of a page to visit, for example: Link ...


For questions regarding the registration of domain names:

Education Services Australia
Phone: 03 9207 9600

To notify iiNet (formerly Netspace) when creating or changing to domain names:
Phone: 03 9811 0076



This information details the processes of creating, maintaining and closing domain names.

Creation and registration of a domain name

When applying for the initial Department provided domain name schools must contact the Domains Department at ESA providing the following details:

  • the domain name the school wants to register
  • school details (name, postal address and ABN)
  • point of contact at the school (name, email address and phone number)

If applying for an additional domain name visit Link and click 'Apply for a domain name' and follow the prompts for the online application process

Domain management

To update any registration details for school domain names, such as contact information or server details, visit Link and click the 'Manage your domain name' and follow the process

To request the school’s domain management login details for the Department provided domain name, contact the Domains Department at ESA for the username and password.

For any additional domain name registrations the school holds use the following link to have the system send the school a password reset email. Refer to: — Forgotten Password.

Note: Domain management login details can only be sent to the email address of the point of contact or registrant contact against the domain. If these details are no longer current contact the Domains Department at ESA to arrange alternate verification.

Schools can also view the current contact email address against the school's domain on the ausregistry website, refer to: Whois DomainExternal Link .

Closing domain names

Should a school no longer require a domain name it is the schools responsibility to:

Important: The continued existence of redundant domain names may result in unnecessary costs to the Department and can attract inappropriate material such as SPAM, which appears to be associated with the school.



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