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Every year, school leadership teams plan how they will provide the best learning opportunities for their students. They use the FISO Improvement Model to support this planning through the identification of priority areas that are known to improve student outcomes.

Information and communications technology (ICT) offers powerful tools that can transform student learning. Students can develop and demonstrate their understanding of concepts and content in all learning areas through the use of ICT. Schools must ensure the use of ICT and digital technologies are for educational purposes and is appropriate and balanced.

A school’s ICT strategic plan aligns with the whole-school strategic plan and annual implementation plans to describe how school goals will be enabled through the use of digital learning resources.

ICT online planning tool

The online ICT planning tool has been created to help schools simplify this planning process.

Principal class members and school service technicians have default access to the tool. Access for other staff members can be delegated as required.

The tool has clearly defined focus areas to assist schools to:

  • develop their ICT vision
  • identify current infrastructure, hardware and fleet usage and areas for improvement
  • identify current ICT and target practices aligned with learning and teaching goals
  • develop a plan of action, including a Gantt chart, that will lead to the achievement of their identified goals
  • develop a plan for infrastructure and device management
  • plan their school ICT budget expenditure over a 4 year period.

To access the online planning tool, refer to: ICT planning toolExternal Link (login required).

A collection of current research, resources and lesson guides have been curated to assist schools in planning for the effective use of ICT in their everyday practices for improved learning, teaching and administration. To access these resources in FUSE, visit: ICT planning pageExternal Link .

ICT strategic planning workshops

Planning is essential to the integration of digital technologies into classroom learning programs. ICT infrastructure planning should be completed after the school has determined learning and teaching targets, goals and classroom integration strategies in their ICT strategic plan.

The department supports schools to develop and review this plan through ICT strategic planning workshops. These workshops are offered across metropolitan and regional Victoria, each term, throughout the school year.

Principals and digital learning leaders/teams, together with their service and local technicians are invited to attend these free workshops that are facilitated by the Digital Learning Services Unit, in partnership with IMTD. The full-day workshops provide up to date information, time and expert support, allowing school teams to develop/update their current ICT strategic plan using the online planning tool.

Attending an ICT strategic planning workshop:

  • addresses the learning and teaching goals of the school providing a foundation for whole-school change which enables schools to advocate for and value the impact of ICT on learning and teaching
  • develops a sustainable ICT plan that meets the needs of the school community
  • ensures a coherent team approach to ICT planning involving school leaders, ICT coordinators, curriculum coordinators and technical support staff
  • defines key personnel roles and responsibilities
  • builds knowledge of ICT and digital technologies in the Victorian Curriculum – its impact, value for enhanced learning and teaching opportunities
  • supports schools in developing ICT embedded curriculum that better caters for diverse learners and the economic need for future-ready learners
  • reviews the current practices, identifying strengths and challenges
  • reviews change management concepts and strategies
  • provides access to expertise, key department personnel and consistent messaging around ICT strategic planning.

View the short videoExternal Link where school leaders talk about the benefits of the workshop day and the online ICT planning tool.

To register for an upcoming workshop visit ICT planning workshopsExternal Link (staff login required)

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Includes information on ICT strategic planning, the ICT online planning tool and ICT strategic planning workshops

Reviewed 11 October 2022

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