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7 October 2020


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January 2020



This policy explains the requirement for schools to complete computer census information annually.


  • The census of computers in schools is conducted annually in conjunction with the February school census. The census measures the computer-to-student ratio in schools on the last school day of February.
  • Data is collected about all computers that are being used in schools. This data is used for information and communication technologies (ICT) planning and provisioning as well as government reporting purposes.
  • Schools must complete computer census information online by the due date which will be communicated to all schools through the School Update.


Data submitted must accurately reflect all computers that are in use at the school on census day, including both curriculum and administration computers. Information collected is based on the date of acquisition so an age profile can be obtained.

The census is completed online using the Provisioning, Inventory and Service Management ( PRISMExternal Link ) portal as part of your annual school ICT self-assessment. Your Specialist Technician will assist you to complete the census.

Schools are responsible for the accuracy of the data that is submitted.

Refer to PRISMExternal Link — select ‘Assess’.



Current computer-to-student ratios and statistics

Current ratio

The current computer-to-student ratio in Victorian government schools is:

  • 1 to 1.19 for primary schools
  • 1 to 0.93 for secondary schools

This ratio is based on information provided by schools in the February 2020 census. The 2020 result includes both school and state funded computers, and 'bring your own' computers that are used by students. It does not include administration computers.


For statistics from previous years refer to Resources tab.



Computers in Victorian Government Schools Census statistics

Get advice

For information about the census, ask your school's specialist technician or log a call through the Services PortalExternal Link by selecting the ‘Report an IT fault’ link, selecting ‘PRISM’ as the service, and then ‘PRISM Computer Census’ as the Sub-Service.

Reviewed 12 March 2020