This policy directs schools to information about the requirements for school canteens. This page links schools to information about:

  • financial management requirements
  • healthy eating
  • safe food handling practices


When establishing and managing a canteen, schools must comply with:

Additionally, if schools outsource the canteen services to a third party provider, schools must enter into a licence agreement with the third party provider — refer to Community Use of Schools — Hiring, Licensing and Community Joint Use Agreements Policy for information about licence agreements and templates. Schools may contact Schools Procurement or the department's Legal Division to determine the appropriate outsourcing/licensing agreement — refer to the School council canteen licence templatesExternal Link (staff login required) available through legal services.

Schools Procurement can be contacted on:


Legal Division can be contacted on:

Phone: 03 9637 3146


Schools must also have regard for the tax treatment of payments received and comply with the Finance Manual — section 15 Taxation.


For queries regarding financial management requirements

Schools Financial Management Support Unit


Phone: Manager 03 7022 2222

For queries regarding healthy eating and food handling

Health Promotion, Prevention and Advice


This page provides information about Department policies relevant to running a canteen

Reviewed 02 November 2022

Policy last updated

15 June 2020


  • Schools
  • School councils


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