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Relocation and Closure Procedures

Presentation for parents/carers

Letters to parents/carers

A series of letter templates have been developed to assist school principals in communicating how their school is responding to potential or determined Code Red fire danger rating days — these include:

When using the templates, schools are advised to:

  • review the text for relevance to their specific circumstance noting that red text indicates statements that are optional or that must be reviewed for each use.
  • copy the required text onto the school’s letterhead or website.


The following posters are designed to be printed by individual schools and children’s services and prominently displayed throughout the school, including all entrances.

eLearning modules

All school staff can now enrol in and access an eLearning module which provides a short, accessible introduction to Bushfire and Grassfire Preparedness. This self-directed online learning module can be accessed at any time through the eduPay portal (staff login required).

The department has also developed eLearning modules about other key emergency and critical incident management topics including emergency planning, conducting drills, managing risks and more. These can be accessed through LearnEd on the eduPay portal by searching for the keywords ‘Emergency Management’.

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Reviewed 10 February 2022

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