Vegetation management

Bushfire Preparedness (Vegetation) Program

School campuses listed on the Bushfire At-Risk Register (BARR) (Categories 0 to 3) receive funding under the department’s Bushfire Preparedness (Vegetation) Program (BPVP) in recognition of their higher risk.

BPVP funding is provided for essential bushfire vegetation clearance works undertaken prior to the annual bushfire season. A condition of BPVP funding is that eligible BARR schools must demonstrate appropriate planning for bushfire mitigation by ensuring they have a basic vegetation management plan (VMP) in place (or equivalent).

Over the course of a 3-year rotation, all eligible BARR schools will be visited by a VSBA funded, qualified bushfire planning and design practitioner and provided with a 3-year VMP tailored for that school.

School sites listed on the BARR that have been de-staffed or deemed surplus by the department must also meet BPVP guidelines, with this responsibility assumed by the relevant region or in the case of surplus sites, the department’s Property, Land and Regeneration Unit.

The BPVP factsheet (PDF)External Link provides up to date information and guidelines on how schools can utilise (and then acquit) BPVP funding.

Further information is available by contacting the BPVP support team in the School Grants Unit at or on 03 7022 2368.

Includes information on the Bushfire Preparedness (Vegetation) Program

Reviewed 26 February 2024

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