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Buses – Owned, Hired or Chartered by a School

School chartered bus services

A chartered bus service is a private contractual arrangement between a school council and a bus operator where the school council is the procurer of the bus service from the bus operator for the purpose of transport services for the school (for example, transporting students to/from school, for sporting events, camps, excursions and so on).

The decision to charter a bus service must be approved by the school council.

Before approving and procuring a bus service, the school and school council must:

  • ensure the bus service is accredited
  • ensure that the procurement decision complies with the Procurement Policy for schools, including Working with Children Clearances for bus drivers
  • confirm that, where applicable, student resource package funds are being used appropriately (refer to the Use of student resource package funding chapter of the Guidance tab for more information).
  • ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the service will be operated safely.

To ensure the chartered bus service is safe and compliant, school councils must seek confirmation from chartered bus operators that their bus and driver meet all accreditation, licensing and insurance requirements by requesting from the bus operator copies of their certificate of accreditation and certificates of currency.

Where a bus operator is not able to provide copies of their certificate of accreditation, certificates of currency, or evidence the bus staff are licensed, the operator should not be engaged by the school.

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Reviewed 24 October 2022

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