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9. Work with families on student behaviour


When working with parents and carers, it's important to recognise that families come from a diverse range of backgrounds. These differences can leave them feeling alienated from the school and its operations.

The willingness and ability of parents and carers to be involved can be impacted by how they are approached and engaged by the school.

It's important that you are mindful and respectful of diversity. Implement engagement strategies that help everyone feel empowered to advocate for the student and be confident that their concerns will be heard.

Things to consider

For information on things to consider when meeting or engaging with parents and carers, refer to: Working with families of children with additional needsExternal Link

Suspensions and expulsions

Refer to: Suspensions and Expulsions for the full process and requirements.

Guidance chapter on working with families to support student behaviour

Reviewed 22 September 2023

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