11. Definitions

Behaviour is the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others.

Behaviours of concern
Behaviours of concern are ones that can cause physical harm to the person or any other person.

Challenging behaviour
Challenging behaviour (in a school context) is understood to mean behaviour that either interferes with the safety or learning of the student or other students, or interferes with the safety of school staff.

Replacement behaviour
A replacement behaviour is one that is more acceptable to, more in line with the expectations of others, or causes less harm to self or others but still meets the needs of the person.

Restraint is the restriction of one’s rights or freedom of movement and includes chemical restraint, mechanical restraint and seclusion.

Seclusion is the solitary confinement of a person in a room or area (for example, a garden) from which their exit is prevented by a barrier or another person. When used by a staff member in immediate response to behaviours of concern, seclusion may also include situations where a student is left alone in a room or area and reasonably believes they cannot leave that room or area even if they would physically be able to (it is not locked).

Guidance chapter containing definitions related to student behaviour

Reviewed 22 September 2023

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