Key asset responsibilities

This guidance outlines a summary of the key asset management roles and responsibilities for corporate staff, principals and school councils. It includes activities throughout each stage of the school asset management lifecycle.

It contains the following chapters:

  • Plan
    • Provision planning and enrolment management
    • Facilities area schedules
    • Land acquisition and leasing property
    • State budget investment and funding allocations
    • Asset management planning for capital works projects
    • Relocatable building program
  • Build
    • Delivery of state-funded capital works projects
    • School funded (including locally funded) capital works projects
  • Manage
    • Asset management responsibilities and leadership
    • Maintenance (including Rolling Facilities Evaluation and School Maintenance Plans)
    • Student Resource Package – Maintenance
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Essential Safety Measures
    • Asbestos Management
    • Gas Heater Maintenance
    • Private Drinking Water (rainwater tanks and bores)
    • Planned Maintenance Program
    • Emergency Maintenance Program
    • Make-Safe Program
    • Accessible Buildings Program
    • Cleaning
    • Security and Insurance
    • Repurposing and renaming of spaces
    • Hiring, licensing and shared use of school facilities
  • Dispose
    • Demolition
    • Land disposal and sales

For an easy-to-read summary about roles and responsibilities, refer to the Key asset management roles and responsibilities table (DOCX)External Link and relevant policy and procedural documentation for each item.

For activities where the principal or school council have no direct responsibility, corporate staff welcome feedback about opportunities or concerns from the principal, school council and any member of the broader community.

Introduction to the guidance for the Asset Management Roles and Responsibilities Policy

Reviewed 19 January 2024

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