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Weapons and Other Harmful Items – Banning, Searching and Seizing

Harmful items that apply to the banning, searching and seizing powers

Under the Act, a harmful item, for the purpose of the banning, searching for and seizing powers, is:

  • any item(s) that the principal has declared as a harmful item and banned under their powers under the Act
  • any item that is a 'prohibited item'
  • any item that the principal, assistant principal or authorised teacher reasonably suspects is being used or is likely to be used in a threatening, violent or harmful manner

NOTE: For a list of items that are 'prohibited items' refer to Prohibited Items — Firearms, Controlled and Prohibited WeaponsExternal Link , also available under the Resources tab.

Chapter outlining the meaning of 'harmful item' in the Banning, Searching for and Seizing Harmful Items Guidelines

Reviewed 25 March 2021

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