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Swimming Instruction and Water Safety Education


  • VCAA Swimming and Water Safety Teaching Resources:  Sample swimming and water safety activities have been developed to support teachers to identify the content descriptors, focus areas and achievement standards where swimming and water safety could be included within a health and physical education teaching and learning program. 
  • Swimming in Schools: an overview of swimming and water safety education.
  • Life Saving Victoria Toolkit: a website commissioned by the Department to provide resources, training and professional development for the education sector as well as the aquatic industry to facilitate schools meeting the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 Health and Physical Education in relation to swimming and water safety education.
  • FUSE — Physical Activity Resources for Remote Learning: ‘dry’ swimming and water safety programs on the Department’s FUSE Remote Learning website, intended to assist in keeping students tracking well with the theoretical aspects of water safety until ‘wet’ classes can resume.
  • FUSE — Swimming and Water Safety Resources: various resources and website links on the Department’s FUSE website.
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Reviewed 30 November 2020

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