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The SuperStream process introduced by the Australian Taxation Office is the means by which an employer, via a Clearing House, makes payments to an employee's superannuation fund.

Employees are required to enter or update their superannuation fund details in Employee Self Service (ESS) on eduPay.

The Choice of Superannuation Fund form is no longer required where the employee has successfully added or updated their superannuation via ESS.

Employees are asked to ensure that personal and fund information held by the Department is correct at all times. Department information must match the information held by the superannuation fund(s). This includes the name, address, date of birth and tax file number (if provided). Superannuation funds may reject payments where the information sent by the department is different to the information held by the fund.

Rejection of the superannuation contributions may result in:

  • a delay in the contributions being allocated to your superannuation account which can impact on superannuation benefits
  • contributions being allocated to the wrong superannuation account (or superannuation fund) which may take some time to recover from the fund and redirect to the correct account

Before updating or amending superannuation information online, ensure all relevant information about your chosen superannuation fund including the Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) and fund membership number or identifier is available.

Superannuation Choice of Fund and other superannuation updates

Add or update superannuation Choice of Fund

An employee can

  • add their initial Superannuation Guarantee Contribution (SGC) - required on Hire/Rehire
  • update to another chosen fund
  • create a new Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) or update current banking, ESA or contact details for a currently available SMSF on eduPay
  • create a new USI for their superannuation product (limited circumstances apply)

This information applies to both Department of Education and Training (the Department) employees and School Local Payroll (SLP) employees.

The Superannuation tile on eduPay displays information about your superannuation fund. To add or edit information regarding your superannuation details, refer to the Enter or Update Superannuation DetailsExternal Link help document available on eduGate.

Add or update other superannuation deductions (salary packaging or personal superannuation contributions)

A Victorian Public Service (VPS) employee may add, edit or delete a salary sacrifice (before tax) or a personal superannuation contribution (after tax) using ESS.

A teaching service employee may add, edit or delete a personal superannuation contribution (after tax) using this functionality however salary sacrifice (before tax) deductions cannot be managed using ESS.

For all salary packaging requirements (before tax), contact the Department's approved salary packaging provider, to commence or amend salary packaging details on the link below.

Salary packaging of Superannuation (only) is now available for employees on the School Local Payroll, contact the department's salary packaging provider for further details

Refer to Salary Packaging — Teaching Service.

Policy and Guidelines for SuperStream – Updating Choice of Superannuation

Reviewed 11 July 2022

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