This guidance provides information on how to become a study tours host school, and on hosting a study tour, including EAL classes, integrated classroom learning, excursions, and welcome and farewell ceremonies.

Becoming a host school

Schools can express an interest in becoming a study tour host school to the department by completing the Study tours expression of interest form (DOCX)External Link and emailing it to International Education Division (IED) at:

Hosting a study tour

IED in the department is responsible for managing inbound study tours in conjunction with schools and accredited study tour operators. When an application from a study tour group is received, the department assesses the application and contacts appropriate host schools with a request to place the group.

Schools decide to host the study tour group depending on the type of educational program required, the timing and number of participating overseas students.

Should the study tour group be accepted by the school, the department will develop a quote for costs to be paid by the study tour group, in consultation with the host school.

The department supports the schools to finalise their program for the study tour group.

The department then issues an invoice to the study tour operator and receives study tour fees prior to the visit occurring. The department then disburses these fees to host schools after the tour has occurred.

Other guidance

English as an Additional Language classes

Schools provide intensive English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes by qualified EAL teachers in appropriate classrooms with no more than 20 students.

Integrated classroom learning

Study tour students are required to be integrated into normal school classes (where language is not the main focus of the lesson) with local students to ensure educational and social benefits to the school community by having overseas students studying alongside Victorian students.


  • If requested prior to the study tour group’s arrival, schools are required to organise excursions for the visiting group. The department will notify the host school about any requested excursions at the time of issuing the request to place. Study tour students usually participate in one excursion for every 3-day block during the study tour. Any alterations to excursions are to be agreed by the host school, the department and accredited study tour operator.
  • A host school staff member and local students are required to accompany the study tour group on any school-organised excursions.

Welcome and farewell ceremonies

  • Schools can arrange a welcome and/or farewell ceremony for the visiting group involving the overseas students, staff, and the local students.
  • Overseas students often like to be presented with a certificate to commemorate their educational experience in Victoria.
Guidance on becoming a host school and hosting a study tour, including information on pre-arrival orientation for homestay families, English language learning, integrated classroom learning and more

Reviewed 11 August 2023

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