Policy and Guidelines

Our rights and responsibilities

We all have a right to a workplace free from bullying, harassment and discrimination. We also have a responsibility to ensure that our own behaviour contributes to a respectful work environment for everyone.

To build and maintain a respectful workplace, staff are responsible for always:

  • treating each other with respect and consideration
  • being inclusive, valuing others and accepting their differences
  • recognising the efforts and achievements of others
  • considering our impact on others
  • calling out and addressing behaviour that can lead to bullying, harassment and discrimination

In addition, managers or principals are responsible for setting clear expectations of respectful behaviour and responding to ideas, concerns, complaints and feedback with empathy, fairness, dignity and respect.

eLearning and resources

The Respectful Workplaces eLearning training suite comprises 5 modules, which all Department employees are expected to complete.

To access the Respectful Workplaces eLearning training suite login to eduPay, navigate to Self Service > LearnED > Find Learning, and search the following course titles:

  • Respectful Workplaces
  • Understanding DET Values
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Human Rights and Responsibilities
  • Addressing Workplace Bullying

For more resources, refer to the Resources tab.

Reporting and advice

To report bullying, harassment, discrimination, victimisation or seek support, employees can speak with their manager. If an employee does not feel comfortable speaking with their manager, they can approach their manager's manager or seek advice from the Employee Conduct Branch on 03 7022 0005 or by email at

For more information about reporting and advice, refer to the Related topics section in the Overview tab.

Internal support

You can seek support at any time, including during or following an internal complaints process.

Workplace Contact Officers (WCOs) are a good point of contact for staff who experience, or would like information about, harassment, discrimination, bullying, victimisation or family violence. The WCO network is a group of Department staff who have volunteered and been trained to provide colleagues with information and guidance about Departmental policies, processes and principles, and advice about who is best to talk to in a particular situation.

Employees can contact any WCO in the network for a confidential discussion.

For more information about WCOs, refer to the Related topics in the Overview tab.

External support

Employee Wellbeing Support Services provide free and confidential advice to proactively support the wellbeing of eligible department staff. Converge International is the department’s external provider of the Employee Wellbeing Support Services.

Staff can make appointments to receive tailored support across 8 different service streams and 6 specialist helplines. Immediate family members aged 18 years and over can access the Family Assist stream.

To access the services and make an appointment, call 1300 291 071 or book online via the Converge International portalExternal Link or mobile phone app (PDF)External Link , entering the organisational code mywellbeing.

Further information is available in the Employee Wellbeing Support Services guidance chapter of the Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Management in Schools policy.

Policy and Guidance for Respectful Workplaces

Reviewed 16 April 2024

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