Schools procurement – procedures

Schools procurement procedures (PDF)External Link (staff login required)

Tools and templates

  • The department has a number of tools and templates available for schools for each stage of the procurement process: Schools procurement tools and templatesExternal Link (staff login required)
  • The department has a number of template contracts for various purposes available on the Legal Division's intranet site Licence and agreement templatesExternal Link (staff login required):
    • School Council Purchase Order — Sample Template
    • School Council Purchase Order Terms and Conditions — Goods and Services up to $2,500
    • School Council Short Form Goods Contract
    • School Council Short Form Services Contract
    • School Council Agreement for the Provision of Services
    • School Council Agreement for the Provision of Teaching Staff Services
    • School Council Agreement for the Supply of Goods
    • School Council Agreement for the purchase of school uniforms for sale by school
    • School Council Appointment of School Uniform Supplier — Non school premises

Department-managed procurement categories

The department has a number of department-managed categories (agreements with panels of suppliers) for procurement including in the following areas:

  • Information technology
  • Stationery
  • School buildings
  • School cleaning
  • Travel
  • Utility services State Purchase Contracts
  • Multi-functional Device (MFDs)
  • Panel of Waste Management
  • Citrix Systems – State Purchase Contract
  • Fuel and associated products – State Purchase Contract
  • Casual Relief Teachers Panel

Refer to Department-managed categoriesExternal Link (staff login required) for full information about the above categories.

Resources including contract templates for school uniform supplier, purchase order, short form goods, short form services, provision of services, provision of teaching services and supplier panel info

Reviewed 03 November 2022

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