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Physical And Sport Education — Safety

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all physical education classes and sporting activities are conducted safely.


  • Principals and teachers must ensure that all Physical Education and Sport is conducted safely by following the specific requirements outlined in this policy for:
    • sports activities
    • the environments that they are undertaken in, and
    • the associated equipment.
  • All teachers conducting Physical Education and Sport must have first aid training.
  • All items of equipment — such as basketball rings and soccer goals, are safe, regularly inspected, repaired and maintained in accordance with the Workplace Inspections Policy and Procedure.


Training, qualifications and activity specific requirements

All teachers conducting Physical Education and Sport must have their First Aid training in accordance with the First Aid for Students and Staff Policy and Guidance

Principals and teachers must adhere to the activity and equipment-specific precautions listed below.

All items of equipment — such as basketball rings and soccer goals, are:

  • safe
  • regularly inspected
  • repaired, and
  • maintained

It is recommended that specialist activities — such as:

  • gymnastics
  • martial arts, and
  • high jump

are conducted by a teacher or professional with a qualification with the relevant coaching authority.   

In lieu of the recommended qualification, it is expected that those teachers or professionals have extensive experience in the instruction of that activity.

Activity and equipment — precautionary safety measures and requirements


Physical Education
The delivery of the Physical Education curriculum through timetabled and structured classes.

Any form of sport (interschool or intraschool) within the educational setting which is timetabled into the school week.

Scrums are formed by players who are designated forwards binding together in three rows. The scrum then engages with the opposition team so that the players heads are interlocked with those of the other side's front row. 

Note: Scrums occur more often, and are of greater importance, in union than in league. In league, scrums do not occur in primary school and may occur in 13 man aside games in secondary school.

Department policy on safety requirements in physical education and sport

Reviewed 22 February 2021

Policy last updated

15 June 2020


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