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15 June 2020


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Employee pay advice

All current employees in receipt of a fortnightly pay can log into eduPay to access their pay advice using Employee Self Service (ESS). Select the Employee Self Service Login information to access the ESS login information for both work and remote login.
After logging into eduPay:

  1. My Pay Details
  2. View Payslip
  3. the link to the required pay advice

A pay advice can be viewed, printed, saved or emailed as required.

The pay advice is available in PDF format. A suitable PDF reader, such as Adobe PDF Reader, must be installed on your computer to view the file. The pay advice also opens in a 'pop-up' window. To open the pay advice, allow 'pop-ups' from the Department on your computer.

Calculation of salary

Salary calculations are based on the following:

Hourly rate = (annual salary + annual allowances) ÷ 26.0893* ÷ 76 hours (do not adjust for employee's time fraction)

Daily rate = the employee's hourly rate multiplied by their standard daily hours. The standard daily hours for a full-time employee are 7.6 hours (7 hours and 36 minutes).

An employee's fortnightly rate can be calculated using either of the following:

  • hourly rate multiplied by the hours worked for the fortnight, or
  • (annual salary + annual allowances) ÷ 26.0893 x time fraction

*26.0893 is the average number of fortnights in a calendar year.

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