Procedures, forms and letters

Note: This above repayment form is NOT to be used for School Local Payroll (SLP) overpayments. SLP overpayments are repaid to the school's bank account. Use the form below for SLP employee's overpayments.

At various stages of the overpayment recovery process, written notifications may need to be sent to an employee who has been overpaid. Standard templates/letters that schools can use are available below.

The templates should be downloaded and modified as necessary, to meet the specific requirements of the school/overpayment situation. Each letter identifies in red text the specific areas that need to be modified with information relating to the employee and the overpayment.

Initial Letter advising employee of overpayment.

Follow up letters - where no response is received.

Request to write off an overpayment.

A request for write-off of an overpayment must be completed by the school, using this template:

Resources for overpayments

Reviewed 20 March 2024

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