The purpose of this policy is to ensure students who need assistance being transferred and positioned can attend school.



Requirement for assistance

Students may need short or long-term assistance:

  • with being transferred, for example, from a wheelchair to the toilet or from a wheelchair to a vehicle
  • with being positioned for comfort, safety and curriculum access

The level of assistance varies according to student’s individual needs. Students may require:

  • short-term (for example, while in plaster) or long-term support
  • supervision for safety (for example, ensuring they remain upright in chairs)
  • some assistance with transfers and positioning
  • full assistance for transfers and positioning
  • the support of two or more staff due to:
    • the student’s size and weight
    • the movement required


Equipment to alleviate problems associated with manual handling, such as transferring and positioning students, should be:

  • regularly checked
  • maintained in good working order and not modified outside of the manufacturers guidance
  • used by staff who are trained and competent to use the equipment
  • immediately reported if there are concerns about equipment safety


Schools must:

  • develop a Student Health Support PlanExternal Link for students who require assistance being transferred and positioned
  • ensure that the student health support plan includes guidance on strategies for minimising risks from trips, falls and manual handling for students who require assistance being transferred and positioned
  • request the student’s medical specialist, such as a physiotherapist, completes a personal care medical advice form — for a student who requires support for transfer and positioningExternal Link that makes clear recommendations outlining:
    • situations where assistance is required
    • the level of assistance required
    • type of transfer or positioning
    • recommended equipment to assist with transfers and positioning
    • recommended training for staff who are involved in assisting with transfers or positioning

Relevant legislation

Department policy on supporting students who require mobility assistance, such as transferring and positioning

Reviewed 29 October 2021

Policy last updated

15 June 2020


  • Schools

Health Promotion, Prevention and Advice

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