Policy and Guidelines

An employee with at least 6 months continuous paid service with the Department who suffers from a disability or illness caused by, directly related or aggravated by war or military service is eligible to be credited with paid war or military service sick leave of 114 hours (15 days) for each year of service with the Department, from the conclusion of the employee's war or military service (but no earlier than 1 August 1962 in the case of employees in the teaching service).

War or military service sick leave may accumulate to a maximum of 760 hours (100 days) on full pay and is additional to an employee's personal leave.

Employees in the teaching service are eligible for war service sick leave provided that the disability has been accepted by the Department of Veteran Affairs as being a war caused disability.

Employees in the public service are eligible for military service sick leave where the service is recognised under the Veterans Entitlements Act 1986 (Cth), including operational, peacekeeping or hazardous service. The delegate may require the employee to provide evidence of the existence of the illness and its relationship to operational, peacekeeping or hazardous service from a registered practitioner. The definition of registered practitioner is the same as for Personal Leave — Teaching Service (refer to Related policies on the Overview tab).

Policy and guidelines for Military Service Sick Leave

Reviewed 02 April 2020

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